After loading a configuration, the menu bar at the top shows various menus colored either in red or in green.


A red menu means that some parameters are wrong or missing, and a green menu means that all parameters are okay. In order to run Hive on MR3 on Kubernetes or download a YAML file, all the menus at the top should be green.

Save and Proceed

For each page, the user can save the current configuration by pressing the Save button at the bottom. If every section displays a Ready message, the user can press the Save and Proceed button to move on to the next page.


The quick start guide On Kubernetes demonstrates how to use MR3 Cloud on Kubernetes.

Settings page

On the Settings page, the user can set configuration parameters to be included in core-site.xml, hive-site.xml, tez-site.xml, and mr3-site.xml. For the interpretation of configuration keys for MR3, see Configuring MR3.

Run page


On the Run page, the user can view the current configuration and save the current configuration in a JSON file with a given name.

If all the menus at the top are green, the user can download a YAML file with a given name. The YAML file can be used with kubectl to run Hive on MR3 on Kubernetes.

$ kubectl create -f hive-mr3-2022-05-19-13-29-50.yaml

Alternatively the user can copy the contents of .kube/config and run Hive on MR3 on Kubernetes directly from MR3 Cloud. In this case, the Kubernetes cluster should be accessible from the outside. If successful, a message is displayed. The user can also delete the running cluster directly from MR3 Cloud.


In the left column, the user can find links to Ranger, MR3-UI, Grafana, and Superset.