In order to terminate Hive on MR3, the user should first delete the DAGAppMaster Pod and then delete Helm chart, not the other way. This is because deleting Helm chart revokes the ServiceAccount object which DAGAppMaster uses to delete ContainerWorker Pods. Hence, if the user deletes Helm chart first, all remaining Pods should be deleted manually.

Stopping DAGAppMaster

Delete Deployment for DAGAppMaster which in turn deletes all ContainerWorker Pods automatically.

$ kubectl get deployment -n hivemr3
NAME                  DESIRED   CURRENT   READY   AGE
hivemr3-hiveserver2   1         1         1       5m37s
mr3master-3292-0      1         1         1       5m6s
$ kubectl -n hivemr3 delete deployment mr3master-3292-0
deployment "mr3master-3292-0" deleted

Deleting Helm chart

Delete Helm chart.

$ helm delete gaudy-ladybird
release "gaudy-ladybird" deleted

Deleting ConfigMaps and Services

As the last step, the user will find that the following objects belonging to the namespace hivemr3 are still alive:

  • two ConfigMaps mr3conf-configmap-master and mr3conf-configmap-worker
  • Service for DAGAppMaster, e.g., service-master-3292-0
  • Service service-worker
$ kubectl get configmaps -n hivemr3
NAME                       DATA   AGE
mr3conf-configmap-master   1      21m
mr3conf-configmap-worker   1      21m

$ kubectl get svc -n hivemr3
NAME                    TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)   AGE
service-master-3292-0   ClusterIP   <none>        80/TCP    16m
service-worker          ClusterIP   None            <none>        <none>    16m

These ConfigMaps and Services are not deleted by the command helm delete because they are created not by Helm but by HiveServer2 and DAGAppMaster. These objects should not be deleted when HiveServer2 or DAGAppMaster terminates because another instance of HiveServer2 or DAGAppMaster may start later. Hence the user should delete these ConfigMaps and Services manually.

$ kubectl delete configmap -n hivemr3 mr3conf-configmap-master mr3conf-configmap-worker
configmap "mr3conf-configmap-master" deleted
configmap "mr3conf-configmap-worker" deleted

$ kubectl delete svc -n hivemr3 service-master-3292-0 service-worker
service "service-master-3292-0" deleted
service "service-worker" deleted