Hive on MR3 on Kubernetes allows the user to configure kernel parameters of ContainerWorker Pods using the sysctl interface. Ideally we wish to set kernel parameters directly by exploiting securityContext for ContainerWorker Pods, but the Kubernetes client of MR3 does not support setting securityContext yet. As a workaround, MR3 creates an init container which executes the sysctl command to configure kernel parameters before starting ContainerWorker.

Using sysctl in init containers

In order to use the sysctl interface, the user should specify kernel parameters of ContainerWorker Pods with the configuration key in kubernetes/conf/mr3-site.xml. For example, we can specify new values for net.core.somaxconn and net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range as follows:

$ vi kubernetes/conf/mr3-site.xml

  <value>net.core.somaxconn=16384,net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range='1024 65535'</value>

In addition, the user should specify the Docker image for init containers with the configuration key mr3.k8s.pod.worker.init.container.image. Usually a small Docker image (such as busybox) works okay as long as it contains commands /bin/sh and sysctl.

$ vi kubernetes/conf/mr3-site.xml


If is set to empty, no init container is created.

The user can check kernel parameters inside ContainerWorker Pods.

$ kubectl exec -n hivemr3 -it mr3worker-a576-21 -- sysctl net.core.somaxconn
net.core.somaxconn = 16384

Setting PodSecurityPolicy

The administrator user should use a suitable cluster-level PodSecurityPolicy resource so that 1) ContainerWorker Pods can create privileged containers (because init containers run privileged mode) and 2) those kernel parameters to be specified with can be overridden.